Technical Office:

The skills gained by our design team from years of experience allow us to offer the most convenient and functional solution for the required design, meeting the dimensional specifications and guaranteeing the functionality of the finished project.

The availability of our CAD design office enables us to collaborate with the client from the early stages of planning, so that we can evaluate and recommend the most effective and efficient way to achieve the final design.

In addition, our expert knowledge of materials, traditional and special thermal treatments can be of great help to the customer, helping them decide on the type of metal and the type of treatment best suited to the model for production.

Production department:

We have state-of-the-art machinery housed in a constantly regulated climate. In this way we can guarantee absolute precision and excellent dimensional tolerances. On the production floor, a centralised suction system connects every workstation, ensuring our operators an optimal working environment.

We have numerous 3 and 4 axis milling centers, wire and diving electro erosion, drilling machines, a Dea dimensional control center and an injection molding machine for testing our molds.

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