Thermoplastic injection molds:

We have specialised in producing this type of mold for many years. Our facility is able to offer prototype molds, mono print and multi-print molds for small, medium and large-scale production. In addition to the production of the entire mold block, our specialty lies in the production of the ‘core’ of the mold, that is, the central part composed of male and female units. This is because we have the latest generation of machines that produce extremely precise surfaces with the finest finishes.

Molds for ceramic/synthetic materials:

We have been working with companies in the diamond powder industry since the inception of our company. We currently produce these types of mold for various Italian and European companies, always seeking to ensure the highest standard of quality.

Thermoforming molds:

We produce aluminum alloy thermoforming molds at the request of our clients in every type of material.

Molds for shearing:

We create various types of shearing molds, for plastics and various other materials.

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